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May 2012


Purslane bulgur salad

Maybe it’s hereditary, but my son has already been to the Carmel market twice in his short life. Most recently, my parents strolled the neighboring streets with him while I ran through the shook, trying to cram as much beautiful produce into my cart as possible until time ran out …


Sour plum punch

Do these little plums not look like candy? Or maybe candies were modeled after these plums — small, round and bright-colored, they just make you want to reach out and grab a handful. But look out — they’re tart as can be. The many stone fruits coming into season include …


Our newest addition

Our little Tel Aviv household has a new addition — our first child, baby Danny, born nearly two weeks ago. He won’t be eating any of my cooking just yet, at least not directly. Now in theory you could expect me to disappear offline for a few weeks, if not …


Treasure hunting in Jerusalem’s Muslim quarter

The streets surrounding the Damascus gate are one of my favorite places for food shopping in Jerusalem. The markets teem with people, and competition is fierce. Unlike the markets in Tel Aviv, you won’t find any exotic imports or the latest agricultural trends — no French bread or purple potatoes …