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June 2012


Garlicky roasted cabbage salad

There’s something enticing about the refrigerator case in even the simplest neighborhood grocery stores around here — salad after colorful salad, lined up on the shelf in clear plastic containers like so many jars of candy, ready to be taken to picnics or home for an easy meal. It’s appealing …


Jachnun in the secret beach paradise

From the street, it looks like little more than a shack, nestled among boutique hotels and beach revelers in one of north Tel Aviv’s most expensive, touristy neighborhoods. Woven reed walls protect it from prying eyes. Most of the time, it’s closed. But on Saturdays the doors open, and those …


Near-instant sourdough bread

“What have you done this past week?” my husband asked rhetorically. “You gave birth. And then you made a loaf of bread.” “Two loaves,” I pointed out. “No one would believe you if you told them,” he finished. What can I say? This bread really is next to instant — …