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August 2012


Apple chunk breakfast loaf

My apple guy is one of my favorite market vendors. Always with a ready smile when I’m buying or even just passing by. Last time I was there, he introduced me to his grandchildren, though you’d hardly guess he’s a grandfather by his looks. And, oh, he likes to sit …


A stroll through Acre (Akko)

It’s vacation month. Daycares are on break, Yeshivas are on break, we’re on break — the end of my husband’s paternity leave, to be precise. I’m already back at work, actually.* But with this scorching summer heat, all we really want to do most days is sit out our vacation …


Soba noodles with mango and coconut cream

Man, I’m tired. Blogging alongside a full-time job — I did it for years. Blogging with a small baby — yeah, managed that too. But blogging with a small baby after returning to work part-time — not so much. It’s not that I’m creating wonderfully creative things and not writing …