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July 2012


Spicy ptitim (Israeli couscous)

In the maze of gray buildings, carpentry shops, Escher-like stairways and metal scaffolding behind my office, you’ll find a little luncheon restaurant tucked away. Well, actually, you probably won’t find it. You have to know exactly where it is, and even then, you still might wind up searching for it. …


Spinach currant lasagna

Sometimes I think that old adage about how to pick a barber should also apply to recipes. You know the story — there are two barbers in town, one with a good haircut and another with a bad one. The logic goes that you pick the one with the bad …


Hatikva Market, the best party in town

The tables were packed, the music was booming, the alcohol was flowing and the crowd was jovial. But this wasn’t a bar, and it wasn’t a night out, either. Nope — it was just another Friday morning at the Salouf Bakery in the Hatikva Market. Perched on barstools, we were …