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Winter’s bounty: Mallow leaves stuffed with nettle

If I’m stuffing foraged mallow leaves, I might as well stuff them with foraged nettle. I acquired both my mallow and my nettle through the not-so-socially-acceptable (or should I say hippie trendy?) method of picking them from the city’s streets. Both have a long culinary history, but most people aren’t …


Winter weekend weed walks

I attended two weed walks last week. Both had been delayed due to rain. Coincidence? Not at all. We’ve had several years of drought, and the rain came late this year. But once it started, it didn’t stop. When the winter rains begin, the dusty earth quickly comes alive with …


Pasta sauce with mallow and sheep cheese

It doesn’t sound like the most unusual dish — tomato sauce with greens and cheese, pretty standard, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. My greens happened to be mallow and wild beet, and my cheese was a traditional Arab sheep cheese known as “jibneh,” which, quite creatively, means “cheese” …