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Sour plum punch

Do these little plums not look like candy? Or maybe candies were modeled after these plums — small, round and bright-colored, they just make you want to reach out and grab a handful. But look out — they’re tart as can be. The many stone fruits coming into season include …

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Food and fresh air in the Judean hills

Sometimes us city folk want a little bit of country. It’s not like the countryside is all that far away, but given how long it takes us to plan a trip out of the city, you’d think this were a trip abroad. Even for a strong incentive such as good …


Six Israeli white wines I like (and one red)

There are few experiences more fun than a wine expo. Good wine, cheese and a crowd that gets progressively friendlier as the day (and night) wears on. As a bonus, Israeli wines tend to be particularly alcoholic — the climate makes for sugary grapes, which in turn leads to alcohol …


Spiced wine with quince and roses

People, believe it or not, I’ve found a use for kiddush wine. For those who have never had it, it’s a traditionally sweet wine to represent the sweetness of blessings, but there’s just so much sweetness a person can handle until terms like cloying and sickly come to mind. But …


Tomato sauce with spinach, wine and pine nuts

This is a simple tomato-based pasta sauce with wine, spinach and pine nuts. We tend to have open bottles of wine around, since we never finish them. One word of caution regarding the tomatoes: Since the sauce is based on them, they need to be ripe and sweet; otherwise the …


Cranberry wine granita

Strangely enough, I guess you could consider cranberry an exotic fruit around here — the climate is way too warm to grow cranberry bushes. This means I made this granita out of cranberry juice, which is readily available.