Pasta with fresh peas and pistachios

Legume season is on us with a vengeance, and prices are rapidly plummeting — a kilo of peas may have cost upwards of 20 shekels a month ago, if you could even find them, and now they’re closer to 10. Fava beans are 6.

How could a person resist fresh sweet peas, especially given how sweet they are? And they’re a bright, springtime green. Eitan suggested feeding them to children as candy.

They’re certainly fodder for adults as well, if a little more labor intensive than frozen peas. But they taste so much better. Certainly better than dried peas. And canned. *Shudder*

This pasta dish is a springtime green, too, due to not only the peas but some lovely pink and green pistachios, and a light hint of fresh herbs. Only minimal cooking involved.

Per serving of pasta:

50 grams peas (120 grams including the shells)
5-10 grams pistachios
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
olive oil
a sprig of fresh marjoram (or zaatar or oregano) (if you’re using dried herbs, literally use a pinch)
black pepper

Cook the pasta. Lightly steam the peas — put them in a pot with a small amount of water, and cook for about a minute. Chop up the pistachios.

Mix all the ingredients together, and eat.

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